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For Property Owners

Are you a local property owner seeking a unique passive income solution

Skip the property management companies.

Let Blue Dasher sign the lease, furnish and maintain your property ensuring it is professionally cleaned regularly,

market to our reputable clientele of traveling professionals or displaced families,

and guarantee your steady monthly income stream. 


 Why pay a company to manage your property

when we can do all those things and more while paying you?!

How do our services extend beyond traditional property management?

  • We comfortably furnish your space to make it appealing to our clientele.

  • We guarantee monthly payment upfront in our name. 

  • We find reputable guests to stay in your home for midterm stays. These guests could be traveling medical professionals, displaced families, relocations, etc.

  • We cover all utilities and set up (including Wi-Fi).

  • We take care of your home as if it were our own, under a certain limit with no added cost to the owner.

15% Off All Items


Let's Connect


Partner with Us

Have questions?

We are happy to have a chat and learn more about your property. If it is a good fit, when you are ready,  Blue Dasher Properties will sign the lease to rent your home.


We do the work.

We will equip your home with all the essentials our mid-term guests need. Throughout the lease we will ensure your home is professionally cleaned and cared for at no additional cost to you. 


You get to relax

Now that your investment property is bringing in the passive income you need, all that's left to do now is relax.

We'll take it from here.

See if your property qualifies

If you think your property might be a good fit, contact us!

We'll be in touch soon!

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